Our Environmental Programs

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

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Picturesque and Sustainable

The school is located in a beautiful green setting in rubbish-free grounds where we share 600 metres of Monbulk Creek frontage with the local platypus. The school is divided into four areas: kindergarten, junior, middle and senior school.

With two ovals, playgrounds and basketball courts plus a climbing frame, fitness track, bike riding and cricket pitch there is plenty of room for active play. A teepee, huge chess set and ping pong table, sensory and rock gardens, picnic tables and themed vegetable gardens create restful spaces for passive play. 

Sustainable use of resources: Toilets flush with captured rainwater. Solar panels have been installed on building rooftops. The Gym is used by local community for basketball tournaments. The restaurant/hospitality area is used by the local community (including CFA) for many functions.


Beyond the Walls

Belgrave Heights Christian School encourages education beyond the walls. This incorporates outdoor classrooms and an environmental science centre called ‘The Burrow’. We also have a hot house, chickens, water tanks, a huge compost bay, sensory and art gardens, sculptures and platypus murals, wild spaces incorporating wetlands and the bush, a fitness track, large trees providing shady areas and our special themed gardens constructed by the students.

Fantastic Mr Fox

Our students have designed and created their own themed garden beds from their literacy units.


Alice in Wonderland




Living Willow Tunnel


New Developments and Student Involvement

Every year, students design and create big environmental projects. Ten years ago, we began with planting trees. Today, you will find a school vegetable garden with themed beds, a hothouse, chook house, compost, passionfruit arbour, tools sheds with shadow boards, sprinkler system and a frog breeding pond, The students do it all aided by hammers, nails, paint, with stacks of fun and effort!

GROW-COOK-EAT: Students of all ages GROW vegetables in the garden, COOK them and EAT together. It’s all part of our Kitchen Garden Program.

Cluckingham Palace: Built by Year 9 students, this hen house accommodates our eclectic range of chickens. The primary school students care for the chickens, collect and sell eggs and feed their lunch scraps to the hens.

Filtration ponds: The wetlands acts as a filtration unit for catching dirty rainwater from the school. Students have developed three filtration ponds along the Monbulk Creek riparian zone, so the water going into the creek is clean for the platypus and other wildlife.

The teachers at our school are passionate about student engagement. We believe that if the students love their environment, they will look after it for years to come. 



The school is proud of the focus and educational outcomes regarding sustainability and self-sufficiency. Environmental Science classes from Prep to Year 12 includes a range of topics and activities. 

With two environmental science teachers employed at the school, students are encouraged to protect, restore and enhance their environment. The diverse classes include creating sustainable cosmetic products, being aware of the amount of waste they are producing, reducing carbon dioxide levels by tree planting and the importance of using renewable energy.


Special Features

The school property runs alongside 600 meters of creek frontage. This presents incredible opportunities for education, imaginative play, natural spaces and bush craft.

Students study macroInvertebrates and learn about illegal traps and healthy waterways. They have engaged in Kids Teaching Kids and have in turn educated others about platypus habitat and health.

Our ‘800 a day’ involves a whole school tree planting day, three times a year. Our students buddy up and head to the creek and plant for the day... it’s incredible. 

Parent, Teacher and Community Involvement

The school grounds provide excellent opportunities for teachers, parents and volunteers to raise funds for our community. These have included Ping Pong-a-Thon, cancer research, CFA, supporting schools in financial need, ‘Go the Extra Mile’ and partnering with Melbourne Water for healthy waterways.