Welcome to Our New Website

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

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Welcome to Our New Website


When you enter the tranquil grounds and hear the fascinating stories of our people at Belgrave Heights Christian School (BHCS), you know that you are stepping into something special. From the vibrant faces pausing to offer a friendly smile, to the poised manner of the students who exude warmth and curiosity, it doesn’t take long to realise that we have something worth celebrating. 

While this unique and special nature may be difficult to capture online, we think our new interactive and user-friendly website (link needed) comes close! 

Just take a tour of ‘Our Purpose’ to check out all the distinctive realities each of our sub-schools offer. Follow along the journey our students take and become excited by the Kinder’s focus on bush play, authentic community and encouraging curiosity. Picture the creativity unleashed in a student of Junior School with experiences like the Maker Space and ‘Cluckingham Palace’, appreciating the focus on discovery. You can learn about the emphasis on being known in Middle School, how we provide opportunities for students to develop their gifts and passions and extend their leadership and service experiences. When the final mountain (Senior School) is in view, you can find out about the diverse pathways available to provide choice for all students, and the amazing opportunities for overseas trips, work experience and leadership development. 

Even more profound than the stunning valley setting that BHCS is nestled in is the deep and authentic stories of the people who call this place home. The ‘Our People’ section celebrates a selection of staff, students and parents - highlighting what they love about our school and what makes the experience special for them. Our story is constantly evolving, so if you have an anecdote of your own to share about how much this place means to you, feel free to contact office@bhcs.vic.edu.au so we can feature you as well. 

We appreciate and celebrate the power of our collective story at BHCS, and you can find it all in the ‘Our Story’ section. With a heartfelt welcome from our esteemed Principal, we follow on from our humble beginnings through the dreams of a few passionate parents, to the wonderful Heights of Hope documentary and book that was brought to life in 2016. Looking forward to the future, we celebrate the possibilities that await in the power of viewing learning holistically - through each student’s ‘head, heart and hands’. 

A key distinctive of BHCS is our deeply held ethos of Acting Justly, Loving Mercy, and Walking Humbly (Micah 6:8). We believe that the enacted Christian faith is the best way for love to be expressed in practical and meaningful ways in our hurting world, and delight in seeing the authentic transformation of our students as they realise their worth and live out their full potential. The ‘Our Strengths’ page celebrates our overall philosophy, while also highlighting our distinctives, values, learning & wellbeing approach and providing key information about our specific sub-school programs. You can even take a bird’s eye tour of the property by clicking on the flashing location icons. 

We are so thrilled with this website and the possibilities it offers for our community. With easy access to our social media posts, newsletters and a new section with tips and encouragement for parents - we hope that this site will become a portal for more effective and authentic connection. Parent, student and staff resources are now displayed in simple icon-based menus, providing instant access to information when it is needed. 

Take a visual tour through the website now, with this short and helpful video below. If you have any feedback, let us know at office@bhcs.vic.edu.au