Our Purpose

To see the life story of every student transformed.

We take our students on a learning adventure - as they explore and engage in experiences, the story they tell about themselves, others, and the world is transformed.

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Our Kinder

Our Kinder

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Exploring nature in Bush Kinder allows young minds and bodies to fully engage in their environment. Painting or knee-deep in mud, our students love learning through ‘messy play’ whilst developing their resilience and imagination.

Empowering students to follow their natural curiosity and to learn experientially through collaborative play is central in our Kinder philosophy. Given the right stimulus and a passionate teacher, our children always find something surprising and exciting.

Reaching beyond the immediate day-to-day experiences, students are immersed in family events like the Easter and Pentecost Festivals, VIP Morning Teas and the Kinder Nativity Movie and Picnic at the Cameo Cinemas. Each experience connects learning with families, and families with each other.

Connecting parents and families with the day-to-day of Kinder life is essential. Creating an authentic community that shares in our child-centred approach means that the ‘Kinder Community’ doesn’t stop when the bell goes – learning and life go hand-in-hand.

Sharing ‘wonder’ moments of learning is at the heart of our Kinder communication. Whether through Learning Stories, our ELC Facebook page or more regular two-way communication, we work to keep you informed and welcome partnership in shaping the learning journey of your children.

Our Kinder Our Kinder
Junior School

Junior School

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Opportunities for expressing our students’ gifts and talents flow beyond mere lessons and into so many of the ‘experiences’ of our students. Whether it is a camp at Oasis or acting and singing in a Junior School Production, each child is given the opportunity to shine.

Creating and experimenting in the Maker Space does more than just stimulate technical and conceptual skills. Thinking skills like logical deduction, cause and effect, and the ability to forecast are teamed with a student’s unique imagination and creativity.

Our emphasis on Environmental Studies encourages students to know that what they do can make a difference. Whether it is tending the veggie patch, looking after the royal hen family at ‘Cluckingham Palace’, cooking what they grow, or sparking connections with bigger issues of Science and Sustainability, our students are encouraged to ‘live out’ responsible stewardship and care.

Using the Kath Walker model of ‘Investigations’ means that our students are always exploring new things. These discoveries become central in both what and how we teach.

Junior School Junior School
Middle School

Middle School

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We treasure this transition time for students as they begin to explore and discover new facets to their identity and launch out into greater independence.

At the same time, we value the need for a safe base for students experiencing major developmental shifts to feel known and understood, so we structure our classes to ensure that the majority of time is spent with one familiar teacher. This enables the provision of improved pastoral care and support. 

With Middle School comes greater opportunity to discover new passions and further creativity through elective tasters (media, food, art, wood craftsmanship and the environment) that open up into greater choices in later years. There is also an Instrumental Program (for all Year 7 students) and a PUSH Program (for Year 8’s) which focus on developing further academic engagement through physical challenges.

The play environment is designed to encourage innovation and creativity, with interactive spaces such as an outdoor giant chessboard, a permanent table tennis table, a six metre high climbing web and a rock amphitheatre.

We believe that this part of adolescence can be meaningful and rewarding, with great opportunities for formation and growth - in both learning and character - setting all of our students up for a great transition to their Senior School adventure. 

Middle School Middle School
Senior School

Senior School

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It is the final hurdle, the biggest mountain of the educational journey so far - Senior School. We see this stage as an opportunity for crucial preparation towards being released into the wider world, so we prioritise a range of experiences that enable students to confidently take these important next steps.

From immersive experiences in the form of high quality dramatic productions in which students can build confidence and artistic skills and our Year 9 program which offers a community service component and a wide range of electives - we focus on providing opportunities for students to learn whilst doing. 

Relationships are at the core of all we do. With fun and challenging camps at all year levels and a custom built VCE center that enables students to form healthy relationships, we love seeing these connections flourish. Our Stories & Strengths curriculum focuses on educating students with wellbeing in mind, helping them to craft stories about their lives that are positive and connected to a hopeful reality. 

Each student is wired differently, so we design pathways that fit. From our work experience program in Year 10 exposing students to the reality of work, access to careers counselling advice, VET options as well as providing access to university courses - this is a time to make great strides towards future outcomes. 

We live in a wonderful, global world and our focus reflects that. We offer real life experiences for our students to understand the world from another’s point of view with our VETA Fiji expedition and our French flavoured New Caledonia experience. We do all we can to prepare our students to emerge from the highest mountain top ready to take on the world. 

Senior School Senior School

Ready to make their unique contribution in the 21st Century