Our People

A Caring community

Although we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it's the people that make BHCS an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student's learning journey; relationships with the teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Adam Messenger

Head of Middle School

I really appreciate working alongside colleagues who genuinely care for each other and their students. I believe students feel known and supported at BHCS and in my role there are opportunities each day to encourage students and staff to do their best and make the most of each moment to thrive, to connect and to grow.

Alison Thomas

Senior Education Support

I love being part of our school environment; it is such a beautiful community. From the moment I drive through the gate, I feel a sense of belonging and peace.

The quality of everyone on staff is exceptional and they serve with such passion, faith, generosity and care and their ability to get the job done is truly inspirational.

In my role, I love being able to support the journey of many young people and I love the fact that I get to work in the classroom as well as in small groups. I just love watching students grow, thrive and succeed.

Dave Hughes

Head of Learning and Innovation

What makes our school unique is its people and its culture. The people are generous, passionate and truly care about each other and the students. There really are so many talented people who day in and day out seek to serve their students.

In my role, I just love the scope we have to be innovative and try new ways of creating life-changing learning experiences for our students. There is always something new and exciting that we can jump into as together we work hard to ensure learning is engaging.

Colleen Peele

Environmental Science and Science Teacher

I am incredibly passionate about my subjects and love doing practical activities or being outdoors with the students. Our focus on sustainability and educating students to be good stewards of the world's resources is unique. As a teacher at BHCS I am supported and encouraged to create meaningful 'hands on' experiences for my students and help them to thrive. From gardening and bush craft to dissections and swimming with seals..... it's a great job.

My passion for my job comes from the students. I truly love the kids and enjoy the moments when the class becomes 'electric' with a new understanding. It's such a joy for me when I see wonder, amazement and comprehension on students' faces. These are the greatest moments!



In all schools, students get the privilege of having a variety of teachers; good and bad. However students at Belgrave have the opportunity to have some of the kindest teachers around. Teachers that care about your school experience and want to see you excel; genuine people who care about both your academic and wellbeing. They give us the background to ground us into society to communicate effectively with other peers but also our teachers and mentors, allowing us to succeed past the school experience.

Gerry Holmes

Gardener and Artist in Residence

I love that the school is a place where students get their hands in the dirt, planting local trees and shrubs as well as veggies and flowers. This is mirrored in the way students are encouraged to dream and be creative with their music and art.

It's great jumping off the ride-on mower and picking up a guitar for a lesson. It speaks volumes about being valued and encouraged to be different; something I hope to pass on to others.