Our People

A Caring community

Although we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it's the people that make BHCS an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student's learning journey; relationships with the teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.

Sarah Jolicoeur

Pathways Support

What I really love about our school are our students; each one so diverse, full of potential, beauty and depth. To look into a student's eyes and see an open soul, a hidden pain, a longing for acceptance or overflowing cheeky abandon is inspiring; the raw and real wonder of our youth!

In my role I get the joy of working alongside people, with the hope of being able to meet a need, encourage, reach a heart, help solve a problem or point out a different path.

Most days I have a pretty wonderful job!


Past Student

The supportive staff here have a genuine interest in your life, not just your schooling, and I love that the school is surrounded by a stunning environment, full of trees and wildlife. 
I think students at this school thrive because of the supportive nature of the staff and the positive nature of the school as a whole. 

Scott and Lynne Brown


There is so much to love about BHCS.  The school has a great sense of community and we feel very much a part of it.  The staff, especially teachers, live out their faith by being very caring and supportive of the students as they teach.  Our kids are given so many opportunities to do and try so many different things. It is a unique and blessed place where God is working in all areas of the school in so many ways.

Michelle Farrand

Year 12 Team Leader

I love our school community. I feel incredibly grateful that I can work with people who are passionate about teaching and genuinely care about their students. We have learning assistants, maintenance and admin staff who are gracious and go above and beyond for others.

Our students also, make it all worth it. They are kind, thoughtful of others, and a lot of fun. To be able to teach them, and learn from them, is a real gift.

Adam Messenger

Head of Middle School

I really appreciate working alongside colleagues who genuinely care for each other and their students. I believe students feel known and supported at BHCS and in my role there are opportunities each day to encourage students and staff to do their best and make the most of each moment to thrive, to connect and to grow.

Alison Thomas

First Aid Officer

I love being part of our school environment; it is such a beautiful community. From the moment I drive through the gate, I feel a sense of belonging and peace.

The quality of everyone on staff is exceptional and they serve with such passion, faith, generosity and care and their ability to get the job done is truly inspirational.

It is such a privilege to watch students grow, thrive and succeed at BHCS.