Our People

A Caring community

Although we are blessed with great facilities and exciting programs, it's the people that make BHCS an inviting place to be. Relationship is at the core of every student's learning journey; relationships with the teachers, staff, their peers and the extended BHCS community.



The uniqueness of Belgrave Heights Christian School is contrived from the various different areas and environments within the school, distinguishing it from other schools. These regions include Middle Earth, the Junior School section, the garden, the VCE area, and the stunning natural surrounding environment. 
What I love most about Belgrave Heights is the immense level of care teachers and staff have for students around the school. Teachers will always have time for you and consistently offer support and resources to assist your learning. 

Georgie Armstrong

Middle and Senior School Teacher and Yr 9 Program Coordinator

What I love about the school is the ability to have freedom, within reason, to implement ideas and programs that help to ‘grow’ our students. Management have faith in their team of educators to make informed decisions to try new things that will benefit the student body. They literally have a growth mindset and a trusting heart to see programs flourish, ultimately, adding value to the students’ life at the school.

I love to see the students fostering a belief in themselves, and others, as they try new things.



I believe BHCS and its uniqueness stems from the many underlying values about Christianity, self-growth and identity promoted by the staff and students alike. Of course, the school has all of the educational aspects you’d want to see but there is a strong emphasis on character, especially during the morning devotions and assemblies. Besides the clichés of seeing my friends every day, lunchtimes and having free periods, I love all of the extracurricular events such as House Athletics and House Swimming. These days are always fun and have a really great atmosphere, especially with all the year levels interacting with one another.

Allen Dickson

Enrichment Program, Robotics and Curriculum

Schools are more than just places we go to learn. The values, the relationships and the ‘feel’ of the school become a part of who we are… and who we are to others. Bottom line is that I’m a better person for being a part of BHCS. Not just because I met my wife here, have my kids in an awesome Kinder and work with some of the best teachers and students, but because we are all working together to grow something amazing. The BHCS community is making a difference in students, families, workplaces and even in other schools. No wonder I love this place!

Steve Kelly

Year 10 Coordinator and Primary/Secondary Sports Coordinator

I enjoy working with some really good people at BHCS; both staff and students.  BHCS is unique in that our staff have many different interests - our Maths teachers love sport, our PE teachers enjoy music, etc. and our students share this cross-curricular interest. Not only is the interest there but the opportunities to explore these interests are encouraged and facilitated.
Students thrive here because the staff and students genuinely care about one another. They care if someone is doing well, if someone is struggling; no matter what is happening, people care about each other and will make the effort to help when they can.

Linda Goldrick

Head of Junior School

Just walking onto our school grounds each day brings joy to the hearts of students and staff alike. The surroundings themselves are peaceful and tranquil and set the scene for how we educate. Students are recognised for their individual beauty as children of God and we are passionate about nurturing the gifts and talents that lie within them. Children thrive in an atmosphere of acceptance, challenge and meaning and we provide this in an abundant and loving Christian context.

I so appreciate coming to school each day knowing that what we do as teachers makes a difference in the lives of the students in our care.